I have moved from a big openspace lots of people office to a remote position for a non-italian company last December.

Furthermore my experience of remote working so far was of a ‘partially’ remote team, where everyone was sitting around the same table, and having coffees and lunch together and one or two perople were on a distant city - a situation where remote working makes you the ‘foreign’ element who don’t get the jokes.

So far my experience working remotely has been amazing, and I’ve received a lot of questions from friends and previous colleagues; I’ll report some of them that might be useful.

What about working hours?

You can have fun all day and work whenever you want?

Well, no. In my company we work 9 - 18 and we do a daily standup at 9:30am.

There might be meetings during the day, and it’s important to be less or more all connected at the same time to communicate and help each others. Working remotely does not means working as a collection of one-man-bands

Your boss monitors your online presence?

Or worse,

“Do they look at your screen remotely to see that you are actually working?”

We are not in a prison neither a kindergarden. I am expected to do my work and to do it at my best.

In some part of the world it’s common to try to trick your company and get paid for not working, and it’s a usual life goal to receive money without doing anything.

No. Seriously if you think that go buy a lottery ticket.

What happens when you are stuck on a problem?

You are left alone?

The most important thing, is not to have fear of asking.

Nobody is going to assume you understand everything at the first time, expecially when everyone speaks english but has a different mother tongue.

(yes, this is not a tip only for remote working, it’s a tip for everything).


Online there are a number of experiences, if you are interested I suggest you to read: